We are a professional hand-painted oil painting manufacturer, located in Shilong Dongguan, China, the beautiful East River upstream. We are featured with handicraft oil painting ,can produce various kinds of effects oil painting, plate painting,and famouse painting reproductions.  We have  skilled artists Nearly 50 more, can meet customers high-volume production, and the monthly production reached more than  5000pcs .  Meanwhile ,Every work should be carefully inspected and confirmed  by artistic director himself before shipment , and never let go of any defects into the market, adhere to the fundamental principles of quality every place and any time .  Definitely believe that our cooperation will let you be satisfied . welcome your inquiry an...
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C&C arts offers various styles of oil paintings, including impression style, abstract oil painting, portrait oil painting, nude oil painting, landscape oil painting, seascape oil painting. oil painting is best gifts to your girlfriend,lover,parents,friends,and business.